EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona
EBF 7th Open Meeting
Beyond the Horizon - Painting a new landscape
Hesperia Tower Conference Centre
Barcelona, Spain
November 18, 2014
November 19-21, 2014
Open Symposium


In the program outline we identified 5 major themes where we want to travel with you beyond the horizon. For each theme we provide a few program topics.  In the spirit of a true Forum, we will build an agenda reflecting your interest, contributions and engagement. Depending on your submissions, some program topics will become a plenary or a breakout session, or may qualify for an integrated small workshop.

1.  Technology improvements:

  • Miniaturisation in sampling and analysis: updates on micro sampling technologies and micro/capillary/nano-LC/MS, 
  • Bioanalysis below the pg/mL: The next level of sensitivity for potent drugs or micro dosing
  • Immunoassays for biomarkers
  • New Technologies in large molecule analysis
  • Automated sample analysis in a regulated environment

2.  The regulatory landscape:

  • Moving beyond a “one size fits all” approach, incl. feedback from EBF Focus workshop “Taking Tiered Approach to the next level”
  • Harmonization of BMV: how can we help to paint a new landscape?

3.  Enhancements in Bioanalytical Processes:

  • Pre-GLP bioanalysis: a breeding pond for new bioanalytical applications
  • Ensuring “end to end robustness” of bioanalytical assays
  • Ensuring Data integrity and smart e-(raw)data management
  • Validation  and implementation clinical analyzers in support of drug development
  • Bioanalysis of biosimilars – a follow up
  • And …of course…Consult the Doctor

4.  Building bridges within Bioanalysis: connecting the dots for peptide and protein bioanalysis

  • Hybrid Bioanalysis of biologics, bringing LBA and LC-MS/MS together
  • Protein bioanalysis using immunoextraction and HRMS, multiplexing
  • LBA + Chromatographic assays in support of drug development of peptide and proteins: 1+1=3?

5.  Building bridges outside bioanalysis:

What lies beyond the horizon?  (e.g. novel study design, bedside monitoring, Integrated PK-PD-IG (bio)analysis


Call for speakers

With already six great Barcelona Symposia behind us, the EBF Organizing Committee is ready to share the program outline of the 7th Open Symposium: Beyond the Horizon – Painting a new landscape.
Call for Speakers is closed now.

Call for Sponsors

Similar to last years, EBF welcomes Platinum and Gold Sponsors. New this year is that we have created a 3rd  Sponsoring level, Spotlight: to allow smaller and specialized service, material or small specialized instrument providers visibility at the conference.

Call for Sponsors is closed now.

For further information or to sign up, please contact our conference manager, Christina Smith (bavalan.bioconference@gmail.com,  tel: +33 6 74 89 10 63).