EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona
EBF 7th Open Meeting
Beyond the Horizon - Painting a new landscape
Hesperia Tower Conference Centre
Barcelona, Spain
November 18, 2014
November 19-21, 2014
Open Symposium

Call for speakers (is closed now)

In the program outline we identified 5 major themes where we want to travel with you beyond the horizon.  For each theme we provide a few program topics  In the spirit of a true Forum, we will build an agenda reflecting your interest, contributions and engagement. Depending on your submissions, some program topics will become a plenary or a breakout session, or may qualify for an integrated small workshop.

1.  Technology improvements:

  • Miniaturisation in sampling and analysis: updates on micro sampling technologies and micro/capillary/nano-LC/MS, 
  • Bioanalysis below the pg/mL: The next level of sensitivity for potent drugs or micro dosing
  • Immunoassays for biomarkers
  • New Technologies in large molecule analysis
  • Automated sample analysis in a regulated environment

2.  The regulatory landscape:

  • Moving beyond a “one size fits all” approach, incl. feedback from EBF Focus workshop “Taking Tiered Approach to the next level”
  • Harmonization of BMV: how can we help to paint a new landscape?

3.  Enhancements in Bioanalytical Processes:

  • Pre-GLP bioanalysis: a breeding pond for new bioanalytical applications
  • Ensuring “end to end robustness” of bioanalytical assays
  • Ensuring Data integrity and smart e-(raw)data management
  • Validation  and implementation clinical analyzers in support of drug development
  • Bioanalysis of biosimilars – a follow up
  • And …of course…Consult the Doctor

4.  Building bridges within Bioanalysis: connecting the dots for peptide and protein bioanalysis

  • Hybrid Bioanalysis of biologics, bringing LBA and LC-MS/MS together
  • Protein bioanalysis using immunoextraction and HRMS, multiplexing
  • LBA + Chromatographic assays in support of drug development of peptide and proteins: 1+1=3?

5.  Building bridges outside bioanalysis:

  • What lies beyond the horizon?  (e.g. novel study design, bedside monitoring, Integrated PK-PD-IG (bio)analysis)


Call for Speakers is closed now.


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