EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona
EBF 7th Open Meeting
Beyond the Horizon - Painting a new landscape
Hesperia Tower Conference Centre
Barcelona, Spain
November 18, 2014
November 19-21, 2014
Open Symposium

Young Scientist Symposium Program

(For the program in pdf format click here)

Monday 17 November, 2014

17.00-19.00  Registration Desk open
19.00-20.00  Welcome Reception for delegates

Tuesday 18 November, 2014

07.30  Registration desk opens
08.30-08.45  Welcome
08.45-10.00  Session 1: Transfer Methods? With/Without Problems
 Introduction to the session
 Nick White (MedImmune)
 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Trials of Outsourcing to support Clinical Programmes
 Speaker to be confirmed
 title to be confirmed
 Emilie Escoffier (NovImmune SA)
 Transfer and cross-validation of a PK assay on the Gyrolab platform across 3 different sites
 (Switzerland, UK, USA)
 Panel Discussion
 Audience perspectives on reasons for issues and success
10.25-11.00  Coffee break
10.25-11.00  Poster Pitch
 1 minute poster walkthrough for Young Scientists
11.15-12.35  Session 2 : Successful Problem Solving in Bioanalysis – part 1
 Introduction to the session
 Laura West (LGC)
 Next Generation Immunoassays : Reaching Sensitivity to Unprecedented levels of detection
 Pieter De Kesel (University of Ghent)
 Potassium-based algorithm allows correction for the hematocrit bias in quantitative analysis of
 caffeine and its major metabolite in dried blood spots
 Tinne Huybrechts (Janssen R&D)
 Automation in regulated Bioanalysis : challenging aspects
12.35-13.35  Lunch and Posters
13.35-14.55  Session 3 : Successful Problem Solving in Bioanalysis – part 2
 Introduction to the session
 Jo-Anne Jensen (Janssen R&D)
 Sample Tracking : Past – Present – Future
 Daniel Wilffert (University of Groningen)
 High sensitive, antibody-free quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis of TRAIL with immobilised metal
 affinity enrichment in serum
 Toyin Kasali (MedImmune)
 Identification of in-vivo cleavage sites in peptide fusion proteins
14.55-15.30  Tea Break
15.30-16.30  Session 4 : To Validate or Not to validate?
 Introduction to the session
 Rachel Hewitt (LGC)
 Tiered Approach : Scientific vs Regulatory Validation : EBF Workshop Feedback
 Debate session
16.40-16.50  Poster voting and Prize
16.50-17.00  Feedback / Comments
17.00  Close